Ryman Healthcare 
Edmund Hillary Retirement Village 

A modern communication tool for an entire organisation 

The challenge

When you have 730 residents living in one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest retirement villages, in a range of accommodation circumstances, spread across multiple buildings, the sheer scale presents major communication challenges.

It’s no wonder traditional methods involving paper, noticeboards and whiteboards weren’t effective for Ryman Healthcare. Information changed so quickly that by the time boards were scribbled on, or word of mouth messages passed on, messaging had already moved on!

The solution

Vibe.fyi’s flexible content management system makes it easy to communicate with accuracy and speed across multiple locations. Having retired out-of-date communication methods, Ryman Healthcare can now create, customise and deploy lively and engaging communication to residents in moments.  

This content is simple to design, schedule and update and adds the 'feel-good' factor for residents. 

Currently, screens are positioned strategically in common areas within the main buildings - including reception, foyers and cafés - as well as providing an in-room TV feed to residents' apartments. In addition, there is a screen in the staff lunchroom for communicating with staff.  

Key benefits


Ryman Healthcare can set each screen up differently. 


Vibe.fyi’s web-based technology means the team can manage content from anywhere, anytime. 


A single communication solution that breaks down geographical boundaries between locations and unifies messaging. 

Effective communication is visual communication.

Better business performance starts with a good company 'Vibe'.

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