Dimond Roofing Dunedin finds team cohesion and success with Vibe.fyi

Getting your whole team onboard with change is not an easy task. Despite your best change management efforts, some things may not go to plan. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of feedback from your team and a willingness to adapt. 

Kelvin McClintock, Area Sales Manager of Dimond Roofing Dunedin, shares how his team encouraged the wider business to get involved with Vibe.fyi.

Part of my work here at Dimond Roofing is to manage the content that goes onto Vibe.fyi. These messages go out to the team at Dimond Roofing, Easy Steel, REO and the JWL Logistics crew. That’s a mix of people who are in the office, and remote or non-desk workers in the warehouses and beyond.

Struggles of a new workplace digital signage software

About two months ago, we introduced Vibe.fyi to the business and our team were really excited to get it running. The day after setting it up and getting slides running, we came into work and found the TV screens switched off. We switched it back on and walked away – only to find it switched off again.  

This cat and mouse game really puzzled me, so I asked the workers if they had seen the messages playing on the screens. To my surprise, I found that no one wanted to watch it because it felt like they were being told things they already knew – plus it interrupted their lunch breaks.

Making corporate communications more personal

At first, we had the usual lifesaving rules, company values, snippets from newsletters we’d send out. Those were good but that’s not what our workforce wanted to see.

We had to find a way to get people embracing Vibe.fyi like it was part of all our other tools and actually enjoy watching the content that was up there. Our aim was to spark conversations between staff and make people more approachable. This is because we know that when people know more about each other, they care about each other’s health and safety.

My team decided to build a unifying experience by making our content as personal as possible without losing business-critical information along the way. We made it personal by sharing our workforces’ family photos, special occasions, Vibe.fyi’s plug-and-play programs and hobbies – we even have a picture of me in a pink tutu for Pink Shirt Day! Our business-critical slides include a calendar of who’s away, our upcoming Protect meetings, and highlights from our newsletter.

Biggest learnings

  • Create a safe environment where people feel comfortable to add and suggest content
  • Pivot your plan based on feedback instead of forcing people to accept the content
  • Treat Vibe.fyi as part of your health and safety toolkit
  • Keep slides fresh by switching things up regularly

Vibe.fyi an instrumental tool for Dimond Roofing Dunedin

Now, we have people sitting and watching the screens in the lunchroom! The real indicator of success was when people would approach us for more details about what they saw on the slides. It meant that people liked what they saw on screens, and it was memorable.

We built our Vibe.fyi experience as a team and created an experience where everyone can have a say on what shows up. Of course, there was resistance initially. People didn’t feel like they needed a voice. But my top tip is to walk the talk; there’s no use encouraging people to share their personal stories if you’re not willing to put yourself out there.  

a photo of the Dimond Roofing Dunedin team showing off their Vibe.fyi screen