Vibe works for Learning & Development teams

Vibe makes it easy to reach and engage your workforce with Learning & Development messages, whether they're at home, at their desks, or at the frontline.

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Learning & Development teams

Unleash unstoppable learning

Don't let training efforts fade away. Empower your workforce to achieve learning objectives, retain key training messages and enjoy putting new-found skills into practice.

Engage, reinforce, succeed

Help your workforce achieve learning and development objectives in the long-term.

Vibe's Snackable Learning Framework© delivers messages that are optimally sized and spaced out over time to reinforce understanding and retention.

Embed long-term change! Write your own learning and development programs, or take advantage of
Vibe's 'plug and play' programs.

Digital Signage Channels

Reach your people wherever they're working

In the office, on the factory floor, or working from home. Vibe unites hybrid and frontline staff via digital screens, screensavers and homepage takeovers.

You can get training and induction content, module refreshers and company news in front of them no matter where they are.

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Vibe frees you to focus on what you do best

Go from idea to screen in a snap - no designers or IT required. All you have to do is break down your learning modules into bite-sized messages.

Vibe's extensive template library provides vibrant visuals and eye-catching animations that bring your messages to life.

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Explore our template library for digital signage

Digital Signage Customer support

Personalised support & strategic advice

We'll help you get the most of Vibe from the get-go, whether you're using Vibe to reinforce training sessions, share tips and tricks, broadcast microlearning modules, or improve the onboarding experience.

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Vibe works for large, complex businesses and it will work for you, too.

Vibe works easily with tools you already use

Vibe integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, Power BI, Workplace, and other popular apps, reducing double-handling of messaging and increasing your efficiency. 

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