Use microlearning and nudge learning for snackable learning, employee training and development

Where workshops and online learning systems fall short is their ability to reinforce key messages over time.

Talk to Talk to makes it easy to deliver a snackable learning strategy by positioning key messages on every screen in the workplace, from digital screens in common areas, through to the web browser default home page and desktop screensavers. 

Snackable learning blends the best of 'microlearning'...

Microlearning delivers short bursts of bite-size content for learners

...and 'nudge learning'

Nudge learning uses positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence behavior combat our natural tendency to forget what we’ve learnt

Provide deep seated retention and recall

Compliments existing learning and development methods

Deliver snackable learning to at home workers

Actively place key messages in front of the workforce with spaced repetition slide templates do all the work so you don't have to

Quiz (Multi-choice)

Training Messages (Geometric)

Training Gallery (Geometric)

Use microlearning for better retention!

Talk to Talk to