Digital Signage for Conference & Meeting Rooms

Turn inactive meeting room screens into dynamic digital signage that will captivate employees and visitors.

Our state-of-the-art solution delivers a seamless and intelligent meeting room digital signage experience by harnessing WebOS technology from LG screens. 

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Meeting Room Signage

Vibe ensures meeting room screens thrive in spaces where every second matters. There's no room for downtime.

Intelligent technology gives you peace of mind

Thanks to LG WebOS technology and advanced detection capabilities, Vibe ensures that your meeting room screens are always in sync with your needs. 

Smart detection of
HDMI activity

Go from digital signage to presentation mode and back in seconds. Vibe actively monitors the HDMI port, ensuring that your screen is ready to switch at any time.

Say goodbye to common technical challenges

With just a Vibe-enabled screen, you can deliver a stress-free meeting experience for all. No need for the elusive remote control or complex AV control systems. 

Instant transition 

Simply connect your device to the meeting room display screen with an HDMI cable or awaken your video conference facility. Vibe seamlessly transitions to presentation mode, allowing you to host a conference call or run your presentation directly from your device.

Seamlessly revert when you're done

When you unplug your device or your conference facility goes into ‘sleep mode’, the screen automatically switches to your curated Vibe content. Engage and captivate your audience effortlessly, without any screen downtime. 

Optimise Toolbox Meetings

Seamlessly switch between standup presentations and dynamic digital content to keep teams informed and engaged.

Elevate Huddle & Meeting Spaces

Transform idle screens into vibrant signage for employees and visitors. Seamless switching between HDMI input and digital content.

Streamline Audio-Video Conference Rooms

Effortlessly transition between vibrant digital signage and leading conference platforms like Teams Room and Zoom Room within seconds.

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