Vibe works for People & Culture teams

Vibe helps you to create a stronger company culture, and make a real difference to employee engagement, productivity and wellbeing.

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Vibe works for People & Culture teams

Great communication can be transformational

You know how important it is for people to feel connected and valued. Like they’re part of the one team, focused on shared goals. Vibe helps you create and deliver magnetic communications that foster greater alignment throughout the workplace.

Reach the unreachable. Engage the disengaged. Connect the unconnected.

Fragmented culture and informational silos affect staff morale and performance. Vibe’s always on digital screens ensure nobody gets left out –  whether they’re off-site frontline workers, office staff in large corporate environments, or hybrid workers at home.

With Vibe you can meet the needs of your workforce, wherever they work. Explore our channels

Digital signage channels: screens, corporate screensavers and home page takeovers

Employee communication software features

Confidently navigate a changing workplace

Change is constant. And strong communications are needed to guide an organisation through strategic shifts, new policies, and other unplanned developments.

Vibe gives People & Culture teams all the tools to provide clarity and direction to the entire workforce.

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Create and publish messages faster than ever

Boost your team's productivity and efficacy.

Vibe’s templates cuts content production time by 80% and lets them focus on crafting valuable, culture-growing messages.

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Internal Communication Templates

Infotainment and entertainment content

Customise the look, feel and delivery

Generic communications may not resonate well with employees across different locations, departments, or brands. Vibe enables you to use specific visual themes for each audience, and integrates your messaging seamlessly.

Then add selection of set-and-forget Infotainment to your playlists to keep your staff engaged, during their downtime.

Bring your corporate culture to life with Vibe

"Vibe enables culture to become  something tangible, in terms of the messages, tips, advice, or even just reminders about what is most important in the organisation."

Michael Henderson
Corporate Anthropologist

Vibe works for large, complex businesses and it will work for you, too.

Vibe works easily with tools you already use

Vibe integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, Power BI, Workplace, and other popular apps, reducing double-handling of messaging and increasing your efficiency. 

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