Solving your internal communication needs for hard-to-reach, deskless workers.

Whether you need to communicate information immediately, motivate behavioural change or increase employee engagement, use to communicate with your people wherever they are.

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Communicate multi-channel in-office or remotely

Digital signage screens

Attention-grabbing, visual messaging actively placed in front of your deskless and in-office workforce.


Put idle screens to work to increase messaging reach to deskbound and at home workers.

Default web browser

Ensure your messaging is front of mind every time the web browser is accessed. Ideal for deskbound and at home workers.

Mobile devices

View and manage your messaging on the fly.

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Easily manage content
with minimal time and effort  

Professionally Designed Templates

All our beautifully designed templates will automatically adopt your branding. Multiple brands? No problem. Content seamlessly adjusts branding by location to target a department, floor or even individual screen!

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Workplace Integrations

When it comes to populating your content, one of Vibe’s most impressive features is its ability to seamlessly integrate with your digital workplace applications to provide consistent messaging for your employees.

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Infotainment Streams

We have an extensive range of Infotainment content streams for keeping your staff engaged, during their down time. Ideal, when displayed on screens in the lunchroom or break-out areas.

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Premium Programs

Embed long-term change. Our ‘plug and play’ programs have been produced by industry experts. Deploy best-practice content in minutes, these programs are fully managed, packaged, and ready to go!

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Content Scheduling
Create content in advance and publish at the right time. Use our set and forget scheduling to define when playlists, slides and slide items show and hide on screen. Set reoccurring schedules for daily, weekly or annual re-occurrences.
Flexible Permission Control
Manage large content teams and control access by person, department or branch location. This ensures only the appropriate Slides, Playlists and Screens are visible depending on access level.
Up-time Monitoring & Alerting
View the status of all your digital signage displays at a glance and receive email notifications when a screen goes offline during it’s normal operating hours.
Info Bar / Emergency Notifications
Draw attention to important announcements with immediacy. Items can be ‘themed’ and set to show as a ticker bar or as a full screen take-over, at scheduled and recurring times.
Social Media Mashup
Harness the power of social media to communicate in an instant. Invite staff to generate content on screen via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as well as extending the reach of your company's social media activity to your workforce.
Live Streaming
Live streaming of Television (where available), YouTube and IPTV feeds across all your Vibe channels.

Effective communication is visual communication.

Better business performance starts with a good company 'Vibe'.

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Platform stability, security and reliability
for peace of mind is a cloud solution hosted on Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure delivers world leading cloud services for a stable, secure, reliable and scalable environment.

Up-time monitoring and alerting

View the status of all your digital signage displays at a glance; receive email notifications when a screen goes offline.

Cloud and

Our cloud offering is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. We offer an Azure Private Cloud and On-premises deployment option for Enterprise clients.

Enhanced security practices is underway with becoming ISO27001 certified. Our cloud hosting provider ‘Microsoft Azure’ adheres to ISO27001 and ISO27018 Code of Practice for protecting personal data in the Cloud.

Hardware reliability digital signage is supported across a wide range of hardware; from integrated System on Chip (SoC) technology*, through to physical media players running Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and Android.

* supports both LG and Philips SoC technology, which removes the need for physical media players - decreasing the risk of failure and reducing cost. Our SoC solution offers enhanced security and makes it easy to maintain a large-scale network of screens.

Effective communication is visual communication.

Better business performance starts with a good company 'Vibe'.

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