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Starting out? Select our LITE plan. Or jump straight to Pro and unlock the full potential of Vibe's template library to deliver bite-sized messages on-brand with perfect frequency and sequencing. Enterprise is a complete corporate solution, offering unlimited accounts, groups and extended features.

No fixed term contracts.


Lite Starts from FREE
Pro Starts from   Paid monthly
Enterprise Starts from   Paid monthly
This plan is perfect for standard digital signage requirements. Pro and Enterprise plans provide a comprehensive set of tools to enhance workplace communication, making it more efficient and easier to manage.
Cloud Environment
Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, located in Melbourne Australia. For our Enterprise plan, private Cloud and On-premises deployment options are available.
Public Public Public / Private Cloud
or On Premises
Content Library
Our content library is a game changer for efficiency - something you won't find elsewhere. Access all the tools you need to reduce the time and effort required in maintaining your communication channel, including 70+ professionally designed templates, 25+ infotainment streams, and Free and Paid content programs.
Limited Full Access Full Access
Video & Graphic Slides
Utilise our Video and Image templates to create an endless variety of video and graphic slides. These customisable slides can be effortlessly displayed across any of Vibe's digital channels.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Slide Builder
Breathe life into static graphics and capture attention. The slide builder comes with multiple layout options and animation effects.
Embedded Webpages
Using the iFrame template, display any web page that supports embedded pages.
Professional Template Library
At the core of the Vibe offering are over 70 meticulously crafted templates, empowering you to effortlessly create highly engaging slides withing minutes. The layouts, animation effects, and your branding specifications are pre-set, allowing you to concentrate solely on your messaging.
Integrated with our innovative Snackable Learning Framework©, slides deliver bite-sized messages with the perfect frequency and sequencing so your audience tunes in, not out

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Full Access Full Access
Infotainment Library
Maintain employees' attention with captivating, informative and entertaining content. Updated in near real-time and presented with visual impact.

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Full Access Full Access
Live Streaming and YouTube
Stream live events, including sporting events, Zoom and MS Teams live meetings, and town halls, using YouTubes livestreaming service.
Free Mini Programs
Ready made content at your fingertips, including wellbeing & resilience, sun-smart, financial literacy, cyber security and more.

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Premium Programs
Ready-to-publish programs produced by industry experts, covering a wide variety of topics including culture, diversity, wellbeing and more. Delivered in visual, bite-sized messages, with spaced repetition to optimise retention and influence change

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Add-on Add-on Add-on
Branded Themes
Keep your messages on-brand with the right brand fonts, colours, logo, background imagery and more.

The Enterprise plan supports organisations with multiple brands, the Pro plan is ideal for a single brand organisation.
Single Brand Unlimited Brands
Content Management Portal Portal Only
Mobile Device Support
Access the Content Management Portal via your mobile device to manage content on the go, preview slides and watch your content channel.
Slide Manager
Easily create, edit, copy and delete slides. Manage slide access permissions (Enterprise Plan), advance publishing rules, customise slide design, preview in portrait & landscape orientation and much more.
Playlist Manager
Easily create, edit, copy and delete playlists. Manage playlist access permissions (on the Enterprise Plan), preview all playlist slides and re-order, edit and preview slides from within the playlist manager.
Image Library
On-brand images at your fingertips. Optimise images on upload as well as crop, flip, rotate and copy images.
Advanced Content Scheduling
Enjoy the flexibility of pre-loading content and scheduling it to publish at the right time. Use set and forget scheduling to define when playlists, slides and slide items show and hide on screen. Set reoccurring schedules for daily, weekly or annual re-occurrences.
Information Bar
Share high-priority alerts across your large format displays, screensaver and/or webview. Theme your alerts based on event type (i.e. Important, Sales, General Announcement etc.), set advance scheduling and reoccurring rules.
Granular Publisher Permissions
Have the confidence to assign content delegation to branch and/or department level knowing that you have control over access to slides, playlists and screens.
Emergency Messaging (with audio)
Trigger a full screen alert (with optional audio alarm) across all screens (including screensavers and browser home screen) or a defined set of screens within a matter of seconds. Connect in with your Building Management System (BMS), Weather Provider or Civil Defence to automate your onscreen emergency messages.
Screen Takeover for Live Events
Override content across all screens (including digital signage displays, screensavers and browser home screen) or a defined set of screens with a livestream event at an exact date and time.
Effortlessly organize Slides and Playlists using Vibe's intuitive tagging functionality. Search using your own manually added tags is super easy, plus User and Group names are automatically added to aid management.
Administrator Portal Limited Access Limited Access
Publisher & Group Management
Easily manage publisher and group access to maintain granular level control over your slides, playlists and screens. Ideal for restricting access by role, department, branch or country.
Publisher Accounts
Publisher Accounts provide login access to both the Content Management and Administrator Portals.

The Enterprise plan supports unlimited accounts, the Pro plan 15 accounts and the Free plan 5 accounts for accessing both the Content Management and Administrator portal.
5 Included 15 Included Unlimited
Publisher Groups
Publisher Groups provide granular level access to slides, playlist and locations. Ideal for controlling permission to groups of publishers by role, department, branch or country.

The Enterprise plan supports unlimited groups, Pro plan supports five groups and the Free plan allows for a single group.
1 Included 5 Included Unlimited
Manage Licences
Create, edit and delete licenses for your digital signage devices.
Remote Device Management 
Minimise the need for onsite call-outs with remote device management. Securely manage all System on Chip devices from within the Administrator Console, including; troubleshooting issues, advance debugging, set on/off timers, turn off or restart screens, update firmware, Vibe player and more.
24/7 Day-part Scheduling
Maintain flexibility and control over your screens. Schedule slides and playlists to go live at certain times of day or specific days of the week. Ideal for managing complex playlist schedules that require changing playlists throughout the day/week for a location.
Template Theme Management
Update and manage your default branding theme(s) and background images as and when required. Your theme(s) and background imagery will be automatically applied to your slides, removing the need for any design or branding changes to be made at the slide level.
Information Bar Theme Management
Update and manage the theme designs for the information bar.

Screen Uptime Dashboard
At a glance, view the status of all your digital signage displays, and remotely manage and troubleshoot any issues.
Screen Uptime Email Alerts
Get oversight over all your screens with email notifications when a screen unexpectedly goes offline.

ISO 27001 Certified Limited holds a current ISO/IEC 27001 certificate and operates an Information Security Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
Cloud Provider Compliance 
ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC1, SOC2 & SOC3
Reap the benefits of cloud computing while staying secure. Microsoft Azure provides some of the most rigorous security and compliance standards in the world. Azure adheres to security controls for ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC3, FedRAMP, HITRUST, MTCS, IRAP, and ENS.
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Protect against unauthorised access to accounts using an extra layer of security. 2FA uses a software-generated time-based, one-time passcode. Download and manage your passcode with an authentication app such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy.
Azure Single Sign On (Azure SSO)
Publisher sign in using Microsoft credentials; automatic log-in when their corporate devices connect to a corporate network. When enabled, users don't need to type in their passwords to sign in to Azure AD.
IP Whitelisting
Securely control access to the Vibe Portal, Admin Console, Screensaver, and Media Players by leveraging the IP Whitelist feature. Only designated IP addresses are allowed, while all others are blocked.
Support Plans
Elevate your workplace communication channel with one of our three support plans, designed to cater to your network size and your desired level of collaboration with us:
Pay As you Go (PAYG) - Tailored for businesses seeking occasional assistance.
Total Care - 3 hours of inclusive support time every month.
Premium Care - Enjoy the advantage of 6 hours of inclusive support time monthly.

Alternatively, our tailored virtual assistance service specialises in managing top-down employee communications, relieving the burden on internal resources.
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Technical Helpdesk Support
Our helpdesk team are available to answer any technical related support issues. For Pro and Enterprise plans, support is available via Email, Telephone and Live Chat. For our Free plan, support is available via live chat.
Live Chat Phone, Email and Live Chat Phone, Email and Live Chat
Our Enterprise and Pro plans include bespoke online training to suit your organisation's requirements. Our Free Plan comes with access to our online training videos.
Online Videos Bespoke Training Bespoke Training
Communication Channels (licenses apply)

Digital Signage
Transform your shared areas with Digital Signage Screens, ensuring high-value messages remain front of mind with game-changing efficiency. Our flexible per-screen license is determined by the total number of screens you require for your shared spaces.
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Screensavers & Web Browser
Harness the power of the Corporate Screensaver and Web Browser to engage both in-office and remote employees. Our pricing structure is based on the total number of devices utilising these channels, ensuring flexibility for every business size. Additionally, enterprise clients can personalise the Vibe preloading logo to align perfectly with their brand identity.
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Meeting Room Digital Signage
Maximise the potential of your meeting room screens by transforming them into dynamic digital signage during idle periods. Utilising LG meeting room displays paired with Vibe's intelligent software, the system seamlessly switches to HDMI input upon detecting activity, such as laptop connection or video conference activation. When idle, it automatically returns to your designated playlist. Learn more
Intranet Embedded
Give your intranet a new lease of life by embedding dynamic and engaging Vibe content within your Intranet home page.
A license is required per embedded playlist.
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Mobile Devices
Mobile devices enable remote and frontline workers to view the latest high-value communications on the go. Embed Vibe's mobile communication channel within your existing workplace app or download the Vibe app.
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Hardware is additional, read FAQs for requirements. Terms and conditions apply to all plans.

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