Workplace Digital Signage Plans

Employee communication package to deliver fresh and engaging content to a hard-to-reach workforce. Save time and effort, with our ready-made visual templates, workplace integrations and communication programmes.
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Starter Starts from $950 Paid monthly
15 Digital Signage Screens or less.
Begin your Vibe journey with our starter bundle. Add-ons, integrations, and programs available.
 Up to 15 Displays
 5 Licenses Included
 Additional Licenses $49 /license /month
 Full Access to Template Library
 Full Access to Infotainment Streams
 Pay As You Go Support Agreement
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Growth Starts from $2,950 Paid monthly
250 Digital Signage Screens or less.
Bundled with more display licenses, 1 workplace integration, unlimited user accounts + more!
 Up to 250 Displays
 25 Licenses Included
 Additional Licenses $29 /license /month
 5 WebView Channels
 Full Access to Template Library
 Full Access to  Infotainment Streams
 1 Social Media Mashup
 1 Workplace Integration
 Total Care Support Agreement
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Enterprise Starts from $4,950 Paid monthly
Unlimited Digital Signage Screens.
Optional private cloud and our lowest per screen pricing.
 Unlimited Displays
 50 Licenses Included
 Additional Licenses $19 /license /month
     (contact us for 500+ screen pricing)  
 10 WebView Channels
 Full Access to Template Library
 Full Access to  Infotainment Streams
 Unlimited Social Media Mashups
 3 Workplace Integration
 Premium Care Support Agreement
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Prices excludes hardware costs. Read FAQ's for hardware requirements.
When you subscribe to, you agree to our Terms & Conditions. reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

No fixed term contracts! No Onboarding Costs! Request a Demo

All plans include

60+ Pre-Designed Templates
Produce stunning branded content within minutes! Focus your time on content messaging, not designing templates.

Infotainment Library
Relevant, entertaining and useful content is the secret to keeping your staff engaged, during their down time.

Content Management Portal
Manage content with minimal time and effort. With mobile device support, granular user permission and extensive capabilities.

Free Mini Programs
Deploy best-practice content in minutes, these programs are fully managed, packaged, and ready to go!

Support Aggreement
Peace of mind that help is just a phone call away. Plans start from 30 mins inclusive personal support.

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Workplace Communication Plans

Starter Starts from $950 Paid monthly Growth Starts from $2,950 Paid monthly Enterprise Starts from $4,950 Paid monthly
Digital Signage Displays
How many 'common area' displays do you want to see Vibe on?

To define the plan you need, count the total number of TV Screens, Video Walls or LED Displays in common areas such as lunchroom or break-out areas.
Up to 15 Up to 250 Unlimited
Digital Signage Licenses
A Digital Signage License is required for each TV Screen, Video Wall or LED Display to enable customised content and remote support.

If you need more than the inclusion, you can purchase additional licenses as needed.
5 Licenses Included 25 Licenses Included 50 Licenses Included
Additional Licenses
Individual license costs are listed for each plan.

If you need more licences than the number included within your chosen plan, purchase additional licenses as needed.
$49 per license $29 per license $19 per license
Media Player & SoC Support is hardware agnostic and provides software support for LG (WebView) and Philips (Android) System on Chip (SoC) technology, as well as physical media player support for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu).

Our hardware preference is LG Commercial Displays running System on Chip technology. If you have existing Displays, we recommend the LG WP400 physical media players.
Cloud Environment
Our cloud offering is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services located in Melbourne Australia.

For our Enterprise plan, private Cloud and On-premises deployment options are available.
Public Cloud (MS Azure) Public Cloud (MS Azure) Public or Private Cloud (MS Azure)
WebView Licenses
You'll need a WebView License for each playlist, or ‘group’ of content aimed to reach and communicate consistently with your people via their desktop screensaver, web browser or mobile device.

Example: Separate playlists could be used for different city locations. Each playlist would require a WebView license, irrespective of how many individual users had installed Vibe onto their screensaver, browser or mobile device.
Add-on 5 Licenses Included 10 Licenses Included
Screensavers - Increase messaging reach to deskbound and home workers, putting idle screens to work!
- Screensaver
Windows & MacOS
Default web browser (Chrome) - Ideal for deskbound and people working from home, as your messaging is front-of-mind every time the web browser is accessed.
- Browser (WebKit)
Safari, Chrome, Edge
- Mobile Device
Mobile Device - A passive messaging option for mobile users, with no 'push' notifications.
Template Library
Our professionally designed and full-animated templates will automatically adopt your branding and fit portrait and landscape screen orientations. There's no need to create your own video sequences!

Add content via:
- Vibe Portal (Web-based)
- SharePoint
- File upload
- Google Sheets
- Calendar (Google, Outlook)
- Custom feeds (RSS, API)
- 60+ Templates
Create stunning branded content within minutes while focusing on what you do best – designing messaging, not slides.

We've got templates for:
- Announcements
- Data Insights
- Events
- Gallery
- Health & Safety
- Learning & Development
- Menu Board
- Performance & Sales
- Recognition
- Social Media
+ more!
- Free Mini Programs
Our programs use ‘snackable’ and nudge learning strategies for lasting behaviour change and outcomes. Mini programs are free to existing customers.

Currently available:
- Be Sun Smart
- Financial Wellbeing
- Let's Bounce
- Live Streaming
Achieve video streaming of television/Internet and IPTV content. Setup slides to schedule livestreams on Zoom and MS Teams meetings via YouTube. LG SoC devices supports UDP multicast and HLS streams.
Infotainment Streams
Relevant, entertaining and useful content is the secret to keeping your staff engaged, during their down time. Add value!

Current topics are:
- New Zealand
- Australia
- Universal
- What's On
- Banking & Rates
- Language
- Quiz
- Sports & Outdoors
- Weather & Traffic
Premium Programs
Embed long-term change. Our ‘plug and play’ programs have been produced by industry experts. Deploy best-practice content in minutes, these programs are fully managed, packaged, and ready to go!

Currently available:
- Healthy Eating
- Optimise your Mind
- Thriving Through Uncertainty and Building Resilience
- Refresh to Refuel your Body and Mind
- Mana Moana
Add-on Add-on Add-on
Workplace Integrations
Our time-saving data integration capabilities, combined with the ease of our Templates enables you to achieve a next-level workplace experience, without draining your resources.

For example; Utilise Outlook (Office 365) to present upcoming events... OR... Ensure your NPS Scores and Customer Comments are in-front of your teams in near real-time.

• Microsoft Sharepoint, • Microsoft Power BI, • Microsoft Yammer, • Microsoft Outlook, • Google Sheets, • Google Calendar, • Facebook, • Workplace, • Halo, • MicroStrategy, • Ask Nicely, • Customer Radar, • Customer Monitor, • Qualtrics.
Add-on 1 Included 3 Included
Social Media Integrations 
Extend the reach of your company’s social media activity to your workforce and invite staff to generate content on screen via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

'Mashup' your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds (#Hashtags, @mentions, Account or Location posts) into a single visual experience.

There's no limit to the number of 'feeds' within a single mashup, or the number screens a campaign can be presented on.
Add-on 1 Mashup Included Unlimited
Manage existing and new mashups. You also have the ability to pin posts, block users and most importantly our ‘moderation’ functionality to remove unwanted posts.
- Social Media Management for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Brand Themes
Your company brand guidelines are used to establish a 'Vibe' theme for both Templates and Info Bar, which lets content publishers quickly publish content in an instant. Different themes can be created for brands (or other purposes) and assigned to individual locations.

Template theme fields include:
• Background (Random Image Pool), • Colours (Backgrounds & Fonts), • Fonts (.WOFF files), • Logo Image, • Watermark Image
1 Included Unlimited Unlimited
- Template Theme Management
- Info Bar Theme Management
Content Management Portal
Effortlessly manage slide content and playlists via the Web Portal interface, accessible via your desktop or mobile devices.
Portal Only
Mobile Device Support
Granular User Permissions
User Accounts
User Accounts and Groups provide granular level access for viewing and managing slides, playlists and locations. Ideal for restricting access by role, department, branch or country. User account has access to Web portal Starter supports 10 User Accounts all other plans have unlimted . There is no limit on Groups define access rights and grouping of user accounts.
5 Included Unlimited Unlimited
User & Group Management
Slide Manager
Video & Graphic Slides Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Playlist Manager
Playlists Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Slide Builder
Image Library
Advanced Content Scheduling
Create content in advance and publish at the right time.

Use our set and forget scheduling to define when playlists, slides and slide items show and hide on screen. Set reoccurring schedules for daily, weekly or annual re-occurrences.
Information / Ticker Bar
Draw attention to important messaging with immediacy.

Add messages easily via the web portal. Messages can be ‘themed’ individually or by location and automatically scroll along in a ‘ticker bar’ style or as a full Screen Takeover, at scheduled and recurring times.
Emergency Screen Takeover (Full-screen with audible alarm)
Leverage your screens for emergency communications.

Trigger a full screen alert (with optional audio alarm) across all screens or a defined set of screens within a matter of seconds. Manage Emergency Alerts via the Mobile App or Web Browser.
24/7 Day-part Scheduling
Daypart scheduling is ideal for managing complex playlist schedules that require changing playlists throughout the day/week for a location. This functionality, is in addition to the extensive content scheduling rules, already built within individual slide management (refer to ‘Advance Content Scheduling’),

If a screen goes offline (I.e. due to a lost internet connection) the full playlist of slides (from the past a 24-hours) will continuously loop, until the device comes back online.
Device Management (LG and Philips SoC supported devices)
Remotely manage System on Chip devices.

Remote functions include; view screen snapshot, set on/off timers, turn off or restart screen, update firmware, debug issues, detailed logging +more
Dynamic Content
Monitoring & Security

Cloud Provider Compliance 
ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC1, SOC2 & SOC3
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Screen Uptime Monitoring
Screen Uptime Email Alerts
Azure Single Sign On (Azure SSO)
Support Agreement Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Total Care Premium Care
Inclusive time for Customer Success Resource. Utilised for; 3 Hours Per Month 6 Hours Per Month
- Helpdesk Support
- Training Add-on
- Monthly Check-ins
- Quarterly Strategy Sessions
- Screen Uptime Monitoring
After hours support Add-on Add-on
Virtual "Vibe Assist" Assistance
Consider how well your business will benefit from having a strong company culture and an engaged workforce, driven through effective communications - this service is invaluable!

Your Vibe Assistant (VA) will gather, organise, edit, design and publish content at your request on Vibe.

They are essentially your... staff liaison, editor-in-chief, template library guru and personal assistant for all things Vibe!
Add-on Add-on Add-on

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