A communication delivery platform tailor-made for the healthcare industry

Healthcare workers and frontline responders face such fast-paced days that outdated communication methods don’t cut it.

Healthcare specialists within hospitals and aged care retirement living use Vibe.fyi’s digital signage solution to communicate with frontline workers, and deliver better care for residents and patients.

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Ditch outdated communication methods to improve engagement, satisfaction wellbeing using digital signage.

Better communicate with healthcare staff

Reach your entire team, even those who are on-the-go. Whether it’s sharing announcements, health and safety protocols, environmental, social, and governance or keeping staff up to date about activities and events that are going on, speedy and accurate information is the lifeblood for staff in healthcare.

Foster workplace wellbeing 

Healthcare workers often face stressful situations at work. Care for your team of essential workers with fully managed and engaging content programs. Use digital signage to keep staff updated with the latest information, celebrate outstanding performers, and reinforce training effectiveness.  

Boost satisfaction for patients and residents

Keep patients and residents up to date with the latest activities and events, share photos and memories, stream live events, and more. With strategic digital signage placement, there are many ways to reach your residents no matter where they’re located.

Communication solution that works for healthcare residents and staff

Health & safety

Every minute counts when communicating best practice behaviour and habits that save lives.

Important Announcements

Get the latest information in front of your team with immediacy no matter where they are.


An innovative, dynamic solution for fostering a positive culture in healthcare.

Workplace wellbeing

Boost healthcare worker engagement by sharing dynamic and engaging content.

Learning & Development

Embed L&D programs in the way people learn, achieves cut-through, and influences long term change throughout the organisation.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Build trust and become the provider / employer of choice. Communicate your social goals, responsibilities and standards you adhere too.  

Ryman Healthcare breaks down communication barriers 

Ryman Healthcare swapped out their out-of-date communication methods for Vibe.fyi’s flexible content management system. They can now create, customise and deploy lively and engaging communication to residents in minutes.

Find out why Vibe.fyi is the best workplace digital signage solution for healthcare and aged care providers 

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