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Amplify Workplace conversations and photos, and keep your non-wired workforce updated with everything that is happening on Workplace from Meta.

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Share Workplace moments

Help your frontline and non-desk workforce keep their finger on the pulse. Automatically display the latest posts to keep staff updated about trending conversations at work.

Keep the non-wired workforce connected

Frontline and non-wired employees may feel disconnected from the wider organisation. Keep them on the pulse with what's happening across different branches, departments and team members.

Leverage the power of Workplace

Amplify Workplace content across digital screens in common areas, screensavers, and default web browser home pages.

Automated feeds

Share meaningful messages from Workplace, without adding to your workload. This set-and-forget integration automatically keeps your screens updated with the latest buzz.

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Workplace from Meta in action on Vibe

Vibe helps you share Workplace posts and photos with the non-desk workforce using digital signage screens, screensavers and web browsers.

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Set up your Workplace from Meta integration for seamless social sharing with the non-desk workforce.

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Workplace from Meta not your preferred workplace app?

Connect with the tools you already use to efficiently communicate high-value messages to your workforce without draining your resources.

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