Corporate Screensaver and Home-page Takeovers

Vibe enables you to get key messages in front of your people no matter where they are, via engaging screensavers and home-page takeovers.

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Vibe reaches people at their desks and in their homes

Bring internal communication messages to life

People process visual information thousands of times faster than text alone. Vibe uses engaging visuals to get your messaging seen, understood and remembered.

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Non-intrusive messages don’t add to information overload are a great way to ensure important messages reach your wired and desk-bound workforce.

Nudge stay-at-homes back into the office

Vibe will keep your hybrid workforce informed and feeling part of the team. It may also make them realise what they’re missing by working from home.

Send targeted messages

Screen the right message to the right people. Maximise cut-through by sending tailored messages to your desk-bound workforce.

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internal communications

Corporate internal communications

Technical digital signage features

Simple ‘set and forget’ scheduling

Seeing the same message on repeat can detract from its importance. Create and schedule your content in advance. Vibe then drip feeds messages to corporate screensavers using spaced repetition to increase high-value message retention.

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Tap into a library of
ready-to-go templates

Spend your time more productively on the most critical comms element – the messaging itself. With Vibe, all the visual layouts, animation effects and graphic design are already done.

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Explore digital signage templates

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