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A communication solution for the modern workforce.

Share high-value communications to the hybrid workforce and reinforce messages for in-office workers.

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Corporate Screensavers amplify high-value messages to hybrid teams

Bring internal communication messages to life

Promote visually engaging and dynamic messages like ticker bars to wired staff.

Static content can get lost in the noise, so bring your content to life with animated content and to ensure your messages never get missed.

Reduce corporate spam

Turn every computer screen into a dynamic digital billboard.

These non-intrusive messages don’t add to information overload are a great way to ensure important messages reach your wired and desk-bound workforce.

Leverage employee desktops

Broadcast content direct to employee monitors, whether they're in the office or working remotely.

Screens are an effective communication channel to ensure the key messages are seen, without being a distraction.

Key Features

Professionally designed templates

Create visually rich content for individual screens using our extensive template library with built-in animation and corporate branding.

Create and schedule content

Seeing the same message on repeat can detract from its importance. Create and schedule your content in advance. Vibe then drip feeds messages to corporate screensavers using spaced repetition to increase high-value message retention.

Send targeted messages

Whether it's to in-office, remote or hybrid staff, maximize cut-through by sending customized messages to the right audience. Schedule work screensaver and web browser content to appear at the right times.

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