Embed long-term change with Vibe 'plug and play' programs

Deploy best-practice content in minutes. These programs have been produced by industry experts, are fully managed, and ready to go!

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Our health & safety, wellbeing, culture and leadership development programs use ‘snackable’ and nudge learning strategies for lasting behavior change and outcomes.

These can be tailored to your specific business needs. Free programs are at no cost to existing Vibe.fyi customers, while Premium programs carry a stand-alone monthly investment.

Reach desk-less employees via digital screens in common areas.

Reach deskbound / remote workers via web browser & screensaver.

Attention-grabbing, bite-sized messages allow for greater knowledge retention.

Content is communicated with 'spaced repetition' to improve recall.

Free Programs

Premium Programs

Deploy best-practice content in minutes, these programs are fully managed, packaged, and ready to go!