Māori & Pacific cultural competency program

Digital Moana is an innovative 'ready-made' program from indigenous design experts The Culture and Design Lab which aims to raise the awareness of Māori and Pacific cultures among your employees that are either working; remotely, in office or deskless.

Māori and Pacific peoples make up a high percentage of the kaimahi (workforce) in New Zealand, and while organisations are increasing their diversity and inclusion efforts, there is still a lot of mahi (work) to be done. 

The Digital Moana program introduces employees to a range of Māori and Pacific perspectives and aims to achieve a basic understanding of Indigenous diversity:  

  • The Treaty of Waitangi 
  • Tikanga Māori and cultural values 
  • Pacific customs and cultural values 
  • Introduction to the main Pacific cultures in New Zealand, their languages and relationships with New Zealand

“Cultural competency is something most organisations want to roll-out, but they don’t know how or aren’t resourced to do so. Digital Moana makes it simple to deploy interesting, culturally-sensitive, inclusive content within your workplace.”

Iulia Leilua Director
The Culture and Design Lab

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It's easy for organisations to explore the Māori culture and heritage with this ready-made program!

Traditional and
contemporary arts 

Oral traditions
(e.g. stories & languages) 

People, past and present
(e.g. heroes and influencers) 

Health, wellbeing and sport 

Whānau, hapū, iwi 

History and key events 

Natural world (e.g. maramataka, Matariki) 

Current affairs & Business

(e.g. planting & sourcing food, recipes) 

You can use the Digital Moana program to:

Introduce employees to a range of Māori and Pacific perspectives and understanding of indigenous diversity.

The program is designed to encourage learning (akoranga) through a broad range of topics and is customisable.

How it works

Vibe.fyi is a communication delivery platform for hard to reach, deskless workers. Our ready-made, visual templates and communication programs, like Digital Moana, can be deployed across digital screens and (where staff have access to these) web browsers and screensavers. We'll will help you communicate in the way people learn to achieve cut-through and influence long term change.

12 months of inspiring content

With monthly focuses and awareness outcomes.


Deploy best-practice content in minutes.

Vibrant and engaging visuals

For digital screens in common areas and lunchrooms, plus web browsers / screensavers.

‘Snackable’ and nudge learning strategies

For lasting behaviour change and outcomes (can be tailored to your specific business needs).

Repetition without the noise

Content is communicated in spaced repetition to improve recall.

Create whai tikanga (meaningful) change
in your organisation

What does it cost?

  • Digital Moana is available at a cost that makes it affordable to invest in cultural competency.
  • Up to 1000 employees
  • $1.50 monthly
    per employee
  • 1000+ employees
  • $0.95c monthly
    per employee
  • 5000+
  • Contact us for enterprise pricing
  • Costs Exclude GST
  • Minimum spend $250/month. 

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