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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)
Insights for Business Program

 D&I Insights for Business is an innovative program from and D&I specialists Diversitas, designed to raise the awareness of diversity in all its dimensions in the workplace, and help you foster an engaged and productive culture, built on the foundation of inclusion.

  • Grasp the concept of diversity.
  • Be informed about the business case and benefits of taking a strategic approach.
  • Learn how to take individual and collective accountability for D&I.
  • Understand how different diverse characteristics overlap to create privilege or prejudice in the workplace.
  • Become aware of inclusion.
  • Understand inclusion and how it impacts individual behaviors, organizational systems and processes.
  • Learn how to engage effectively with others with different cultural values.

Beyond the obvious moral argument for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, this module will help business leaders discover the many areas in which diversity and inclusion are conducive to business success.

Diversity and Inclusion training is more than delivering a one-off session and hoping for the best. For best results, you need to deliver a program that keeps bite-sized information front of mind. Your employees need ongoing communication that reinforces the right behaviors, and builds their skills and competency in inclusive behaviors. This results in an empowered workforce that engages, communicates and interacts effectively with each other, your customers and external stakeholders.

Research has shown conclusively that organizations who prioritize diversity and inclusion for the long term, significantly outperform their competitors and create a competitive edge by creating a win/win proposition for employees, customers and the bottom line.

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Premium Program

This paid program is delivered through short, snackable messages on workplace digital signage.

An Innovative Program

Your employees will be immersed in a practical 12-month program with 30 ideas for action, every month (on a TV screen, web browser and/or screensaver).

Fully Managed Content

Reach deskless employees via digital screens in common areas and desk-bound/remote workers via web browser and screensaver.

Access & Availability

Vibrant and engaging visuals. Attention-grabbing, bite-sized messages allow for greater knowledge retention.

Diversity is a fact – Inclusion is a choice!

This thought-provoking and comprehensive program introduces your employees to the foundations of diversity in the workplace and unpacks the concepts of inclusion and equity to build a deeper understanding of what is required to support a healthy and engaged workplace culture.

We go beyond basic concepts to explore intersectionality and its impact on equitable outcomes across your organization. We also explore the concept of unconscious biases and the common biases that play out in people's practices and processes, and how to mitigate them. Finally, we explore some of the benefits that can be gained, by taking a more strategic approach to diversity and inclusion in your organization.

How will this programme help employees personally and in the workplace?

Diversity is all around us. We are operating in an environment where change is the only constant and where we are required to communicate with and work alongside people with different cultural backgrounds, from different parts of the world, with different needs, aspirations and expectations.

All this makes for a rich and interesting environment, but comes with significant challenges, including cultural misunderstanding, generational conflict, language barriers and inequitable outcomes — despite our best intentions.

Learning about D&I will equip employees to move beyond their own preferences and prejudices and connect, interact and communicate with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders more effectively.

How delivers long-term change

The secret to delivering meaningful, long-term change is consistently delivering snackable information. is a communication delivery platform for your workforce — even hard to reach, deskless workers.

Our ready-made, visual templates and communication programs can be deployed across digital screens, web browsers and screensavers. cuts through the noise and keeps diversity and inclusion front of mind for deskless, remote and in-office workers.

Bite-sized and nudge learning strategies

For lasting behaviour change and outcomes, tailored to your specific business needs.

Repetition without the noise

Content is communicated in spaced repetition to improve recall.


Deploy best-practice content in minutes.

Vibrant and engaging visuals

For digital screens in common areas and lunchrooms, web browsers and screensavers.

Create meaningful change in your organization

  • Up to 1000 employees
  • $1.50 monthly
    per employee

  • Over 1000 employees
  • $0.95c monthly
    per employee

  • 5000+ employees
  • Contact us for enterprise pricing

Costs exclude GST. Minimum spend $250/month.