Vibe works for Retailers

Reach and engage your entire retail workforce, from shop-floor assistants to corporate teams. Vibe makes it easy to talk to everyone.

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Connect head office to the shop floor

Vibe enables you to deliver consistent communications across the business. It brings together digital signage screens, corporate screensavers and home page takeovers to reach everyone, wherever they’re working.

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Keep everyone updated

Vibe’s great for getting ‘new news’ out to your retail workforce. Use it to show off new products, upcoming store promotions, introduce new people and keep the whole team informed.

Vibe integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, Power BI, Workplace, and other popular apps, reducing double-handling of messaging and increasing your efficiency.

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Demystify performance data

Transparency around performance tracking aligns and motivates everyone. Vibe enables you to transform sales figures, inventory stock levels, department spend – any key data – into insights your team will easily understand.

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Data insights templates

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Get one message to multiple brands

If you’re a retail communications team producing top-down messaging for different brands, you don’t have to do them all individually.

Vibe automates content creation, seamlessly merging messaging with each brand’s design and branding elements. All done in one click.

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Our people love it. It puts the power in our team's hands. We don't need to wait for something to be done overnight or from a call centre.

We can do it ourselves, right here, right now, 24/7

The Warehouse Group inform, engage and inspire their retail workforce

The Warehouse Group use Vibe for ongoing communications for the on-the-ground workforce. Discover how The Warehouse Group customises their communication content across four iconic New Zealand brands.


Vibe works for large, complex businesses and it will work for you, too.


A workplace digital signage solution
for all teams

Vibe works for Internal Commmunications teams

Always pushed for time, often stretched for resources and people. Vibe takes a huge load off internal comms teams, transforming top-down messaging into high-quality visual content, and automating production, delivery and sequencing.

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Vibe works for Health and Safety teams

Getting the right message to the right people at the right time is vital for effective Health & Safety comms. Vibe reaches hard-to-get-to workers with info in an engaging visual format that’s easily seen, understood and remembered.

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Vibe works for Learning & Development teams

Engagement and repetition are key for learning and retention. Vibe enables you to easily produce 'snackable learning content' to be consumed in entertaining, right-sized portions. Vibe sequences the content to ensure it is seen, understood and remembered.

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Vibe works for People & Culture

The larger and more dispersed your workforce, the harder it is to keep everyone feeling like part of the one team. Vibe connects and engages all employees, no matter where they are working in the business. By democratising content, it helps unify company culture and strengthens inclusiveness.

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Vibe works for IT & Cybersecurity

Vibe works on two very important levels for IT & Cybersecurity teams. It's a robust, secure SaaS platform that's rock-solid and easy to implement and manage. And it enables you to keep cyber-safety messaging front of mind throughout the business.

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Vibe works for Senior Leadership

Effective internal comms are key to an engaged and productive workforce. Vibe gives all of your comms teams a way to connect with hard-to-reach, frontline workers via always-on digital screens. By streamlining content production and delivery, it saves time and reduces the load on business resources.

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Vibe works easily with tools you already use

Vibe integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, Power BI, Workplace, and other popular apps, reducing double-handling of messaging and increasing your efficiency. 

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Vibe makes frontline retail workers
easy to reach.

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