Thriving Through Uncertainty and Building Resilience

A dynamic program from The Flourishing Institute and that inspires hard-to-reach, deskless workers to reach their full potential.

Today’s workforce requires powerful tools to help them navigate uncertainty and build a resilient mindset, but many organisations miss the mark when executing on employee development initiatives.

Vibe’s Thriving Through Uncertainty and Building Resilience program is a revolutionary approach to building resilience for both deskless and in-office workers.

Created in partnership with The Flourishing Institute, the program is delivered through short, snackable messages on Vibe’s digital channels and can be purchased in conjunction with expert workshops or as a stand-alone service.

Create Positive and Lasting Change in Your Organisation

The rolling program equips employees with tools to help them cope with challenging situations both at work and at home. Throughout the program, they will learn how to:

  • Calm the stress response
  • Increase positive emotions
  • Practice healthy thinking habits
  • Boost resilience
  • Build a growth mindset

Strategic Support and Fully Customisable Solutions

Content can be customised to your organisation’s needs and existing initiatives, with additional support available for participants throughout the program.

  • Regular webinars encourage deeper learning of topics in the program
  • Workshops can be facilitated virtually or face to face

The Vibe approach is new and different. It overcomes many of the challenges that come with traditional learning and development— it’s cost effective, it’s inclusive, and it can be accessed by everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Daily Knowledge Improvement and Retention

Using a high-impact learning technique called microlearning – learning that is delivered in short, focused bites which has been shown to improve knowledge retention over time.

Regular Reinforcement

People know many things that boost mental wellbeing but don’t do them. Frequent reinforcement of messages, regular nudges and reminders to take actions will improve mental wellbeing.


Learning about mental wellbeing is not exclusive to those who attend training courses or events. The programme engages people using voluntary participation.

Improving Life Skills and Coping Skills

While the employees are learning about how to boost mental wellbeing at work, the knowledge and skills taught are equally relevant for them at home and in general life.


The content is available to all who can see it! There are no restrictions to learning new mental wellbeing habits and the learning fits naturally into the flow of a workday (without interrupting).

Evidence Based

The content is based on research but shows an employee how to apply the research in practical ways. This way, it drives the behaviours that positively impact mental wellbeing.

Benefiting Communities

Employees can share information they learn with colleagues, family and friends which creates a positive ripple effect into workplaces and broader communities.

Premium Program

  • This paid program is delivered through short, snackable messages on’s digital channel.

What does it cost?

  • Up to 1000 employees = $1.50 per employee per month excl. GST
  • Over 1000 employees = $0.95c per employee per month excl. GST
  • 5000+ employees Contact us for enterprise pricing

    Minimum spend $250/month

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