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Employee Healthy Eating Program

Inspiring healthier habits for a happier workplace

Transform your workplace into a hub of health with our Wicked Wellbeing  Healthy Eating Program.

Developed in collaboration with expert Wick Nixon , this program makes healthy eating easy, fun, and delicious for your employees. Fresh and engaging content is delivered monthly to foster a culture of wellness in your workplace.

Opt-in to this Premium Employee Wellbeing Program!

Delivered through short, snackable messages on's digital channel, this paid program offers enhanced features and deeper engagement opportunities for your workplace wellness journey.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from expert advice and inspiration from Wick Nixon to motivate employees towards healthier eating habits.

Monthly Content

Access fresh and engaging content every month, tailored to inspire healthier eating choices among your staff.

Timely Recipes and Tips

Enjoy recipes and tips timed throughout the day, providing employees with healthy options to 'snack' on.

Seasonal and Trend-Based Content

With 12 months of content scheduled to follow seasons and trends, keep your workplace wellness program relevant and exciting year-round.

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