Silverfin’s Journey to Stronger Internal Communications for Their Remote Workforce

When we first got in touch with Silverfin, a cloud accounting platform, they needed a workplace communication solution that would connect their workforce who were spread out over Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. As a growing organisation with a strong workplace culture, they wanted to make sure everyone in the workforce would receive and engage with key messages. 

We recently caught up with Saran De Zutter, Executive Operations Coordinator at Silverfin to see how Vibe has enhanced their internal communications.

Building strong engagement with a distributed workforce

Silverfin were using different communication channels, including town halls, Slack, emails, and newsletters. But they were missing a platform that would connect their hybrid and remote staff.

“We saw that with the different offices in the different places, we needed something that brought everything together in one space,” says Saran.

With many remote workers and few opportunities to meet in person, Silverfin uses Vibe to build a bridge to their remote and hybrid workers.

“Having a platform like Vibe, they can use it in the background while they’re working, and they can check it out when they want to. They really have this sense of community even though they aren’t actually at the office.”

"We get to increase the number of touchpoints with people who aren’t in the office."

Telling a consistent story with internal communications

The team at Silverfin use the Vibe platform to introduce new starters, remind staff of the corporate values, share the latest around office life, promote security awareness, celebrate the Silverfin culture, showcase their latest events, and so much more.

As Saran explains, “Vibe is different in the sense that you can do story telling. You can tie things back together over a longer period of time.”

Once such example is the recent Internal Women’s Day campaign she just ran. “We posted a bunch of different articles and promoted the different events we were running in each location. It’s really cool that you have all these different themes in each country that you get to bring together using Vibe.”

Though International Women’s Day is over, Saran still gets to make the most out of the content and photos on Vibe by repurposing it to different uses. “We make it fun and interesting, maybe changing around the wording. You still have those same values coming across but with a different twist – which is really fun!”

Repurposing and repeating content is a great way of reinforcing high-value messages. But repeating content is something of a science. It has to be done using spaced repetition to really embed long-term message retention. This is especially relevant if you have a remote or hybrid workforce.

As Saran explains, "Even when you’re at home, you can have these snackable bits of content you can retain, instead of having to check an email, look at an announcement, go from one platform to another. You can just have it all on Vibe."

Office colleagues discussing business ideas in a contemporary environment.

Silverfin have taken the Noticeboard Zoom template and made it their own with on-brand imagery and colours 

Measuring the impact on their workforce

Surveys are a great way to measure how well your workforce have received and retained your internal communications campaigns. Silverfin use six-monthly surveys to gauge how their internal communication on the Vibe platform has impacted their distributed workforce.

Saran wrapped up the conversation with some wise words about how Vibe users can get the most out of the platform. “Ensure there’s a constant flow of information and keep it up to date. You can add new content and repurpose the old content. And if you’re going to be doing different surveys to get people’s response and feedback, make sure you’re also implementing it.”  

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