Fletcher Steel

Communicating memorable messages to many people with the click of a button

The challenge

One of our challenges at Fletcher Steel is communicating in an effective way with our hard-to-reach people.

"By hard to reach, I mean people who don't sit at a desk every day. They don't have access to company devices. This makes up about 40% of our workforce. We need to be able to get the right information to the right people when and wherever they're working.” explains Janice Montgomerie, L&D Partner, Fletcher Steel.  

The solution

Janice's market research suggested that Vibe.fyi was going to be a really good fit for their business. So after Vibe was installed into their workplace... "Our people are telling us that with Vibe.fyi they feel more informed. They don't have to seek out the information, it is right there", Janice confirmed.

"A lot of community building takes place under the banner of wellbeing which is really important to us. We use Vibe.fyi to show messages about financial wellbeing, resilience, step challenges and healthy eating." Says Janice.

Key benefits


Make use of Vibe's infotainment slides to keep people updated with news, weather, traffic and sport.

Measurable ROI

You will notice the return on investment through feedback. Your people will be aware that your organisation is making a bigger effort to keep them Included and informed.


Communicate memorable messages between different graphical locations to many people with the click of a button.

Effective communication is visual communication.

Better business performance starts with a good company 'Vibe'.

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