Quick, instant communication that enhances store operation

The challenge

PAKn’SAVE is beloved for offering New Zealand’s lowest food prices. Each store is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Famous for lots of checkouts; and produce stacked to the roof – each store is a busy place and requires a communication tool that is agile and instant.

The solution puts the power to communicate with accuracy and speed in each store owner’s hands.
They can create, customise and deploy lively and engaging communication to in-store employees and customers across their own channel within moments.

Hardware and installation channel 

Super simple content management software (CMS) 

Extensive library of engaging templates


News streams

What stores are using for...

Real-time customer NPS score 

Real-time customer comments 

Vision & values 

Store/brand strategy

Staff recognition

In the community 

Photo boards

In-store savings

New in-store (products)

Staff profiles 

Staff achievements

Store promotions 

COVID-19 reminders 

Hygiene/Health & Safety


What’s on - training & events

Store social media activity

Self-checkout tips & tricks 

Effective communication is visual communication.

Better business performance starts with a good company 'Vibe'.

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