Foodstuffs North Island

A modern solution for simplifying communication channels 

The challenge

Like many large, modern organisations Foodstuffs North Island has multiple communication channels and a mix of staff spread across offices, warehouses, stores and even trucks up and down the North Island.

“We needed something that would give us cut-through; something that would simplify our channels for people to make their lives easier. The world is going digital; notice boards have had their day and we needed a solution that would give us a simple, striking and memorable way to get our message across,” explains Michael Allen, Communications Partner, Foodstuffs North Island.

The solution

The internal communication team chose because it provides a simple, visually appealing way to communicate with their people - wherever they are.

Throughout the Foodstuffs North Island Headquarters and Distribution Centre, screens are positioned strategically in common areas within the main buildings - including reception, office seating areas and cafés - as well throughout the Distribution Centre.   

“It's super flexible - we can publish anything from digital signage right through to videos, livestreams and sports matches. Our people love it. It puts the power in our team's hands. We don't need to wait for something to be done overnight; overseas in a call centre. We can do it ourselves, right here, right now, 24/7,” says Michael.  

It's been worth the investment. It’s helped us engage our people; it's given us an ongoing digital solution. And we're getting better cut through for our comms,” concludes Michael.

Key benefits


Foodstuffs North Island is able to tap into’s dynamic templates to deploy messaging to where it matters in minutes.

Reliability’s web-based technology means the team can manage content from anywhere, anytime. 


A single communication solution that breaks down geographical boundaries between locations and unifies messaging. 

Effective communication is visual communication.

Better business performance starts with a good company 'Vibe'.

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