How To Supercharge Your Internal Communications Using Digital Signage

Many organisations struggle to reach and engage their entire workforce. Some non-desk (frontline) workers are hard to reach, often without access to a corporate device. There are also more hybrid and remote workers in recent years, which makes it challenging for internal communications teams to maintain regular and consistent communication for their entire workforce.

This is where digital signage as a communication channel shines. Organisations can communicate real-time messages and keep them front of mind, in a way that isn’t disruptive or distracting. Digital signage can also increase reach of key messages to frontline workers.

Read on to find out why your organisation should be using workplace digital signage for effective internal communications, and how it pairs with your existing channels and tools.

What is workplace digital signage?

Workplace digital signage refers to digital screens in common areas such as the lunchrooms, reception areas, around the office, warehouse or factory and at remote work sites. Generally used to convey important 'top down' messaging and keep these key messages front of mind. 

Digital signage displays important information for your workforce and suits a range of workplaces

Customer-facing digital signage vs. employee-facing digital signage

There’s an important distinction between customer-facing or traditional digital signage and employee-facing digital signage. Customer-facing signage is meant for customers and is seen occasionally. For instance, you might visit a retail store about ten times a year and rarely come across the same message more than twice. On the other hand, employees encounter digital signage screens every workday. To hold employees’ attention, messaging needs to remain fresh, engaging, and relevant. It’s important not to show the same message on repeat, because messages on predictable repeat are a turn-off.

Unlike customer-facing digital signage, workplace digital signage has two fundamental requirements:

  1. Easily create visual and lively content. Internal communication teams are often stretched for time and resources. So the ability to create visual and lively content quickly and efficiently is paramount. 
  2. Preload content and manage frequency. The digital signage solution should allow internal communicators to preload and drip feed messages out into the workplace, while controlling the frequency. This is known as 'spaced repetition' and ensures messages are sequenced to optimise engagement and retention.

When using digital signage for the workplace, you need to choose a purpose-built solution for employees. For internal communication teams, this means that workplace digital signage screens should give total control over the messaging schedule and frequency, improve message retention, and bring high value messages to life with vibrant animations and imagery.

Why use digital signage for internal communications?

Digital signage for employee communications is a game-changer for many reasons. We've explored some key reasons why digital signage is a must-have for internal communications, so here's a quick summary.

Digital signage screens are a broad-reaching communication channel that delivers key messages – and eye-catching visuals – to the entire workforce. Unlike other communication channels, digital signage doesn’t disrupt or distract staff from their work.

It’s especially effective for reaching non-desk and frontline workers, such as those in mining and construction, industrial and manufacturing, retail or aged care. These workers aren’t at a desk all day and often don’t have access to a corporate device, making it difficult to share important company updates. With digital signage screens, frontline employees can stay informed about crucial updates and aligned with the organisation.

The spaced repetition of digital signage means that internal communicators can optimally deliver key messages to ensure it stays front of mind for the workforce and isn’t lost, like it might have if it were an email or post on the company’s intranet.

And because it’s managed digitally, internal communicators can deliver updates in real time. This makes it easier to show only the latest, most relevant content on screens at all times.

How to use digital signage in the workplace

Digital signage is a versatile a communication channel, perfect for delivering a range of key messages to help internal communication teams hit their communication objectives effectively.

Share values, goals and mission

Internal communication teams and senior leadership teams can use digital signage to keep the entire workforce aligned to the bigger purpose and goals. Use digital signage screens to remind employees of core values, share goals and key objectives, and celebrate company milestones. Digital signage is a great way to align everyone in the organisation.

Keep the frontline workforce engaged and aligned with the organisation

Create a safety-first workplace

Get health and safety messages in front of eyes to keep them front of mind. Health and safety teams can use digital signage to share key messages around protective gear, proper use of equipment, safety procedures and more.  

Encourage your workforce to put health and safety advise to practice

Reinforce training modules  

Organisations can use digital signage to promote workshops, reinforce learning objectives and more. Digital signage can help employees retain lessons from training modules and put them into practice.

Get key learning modules front of eyes and front of mind

There are so many possible uses for digital signage in the workplace, making it an irreplaceable channel for your internal communications strategy.

Combining digital signage with other communication channels

Digital signage is a versatile communication tool that can be used in conjunction with other channels to ensure effective communication across an organisation. Here are some ways to combine digital signage with communication tools and channels you already have.

Digital signage and Intranet

If you’re a large organisation, you’re probably already using an intranet for information and file sharing. Digital signage can be used to increase reach and engagement with your Intranet content. For instance, you can use digital signage to drive traffic to a cybersecurity policy page by sharing a bite-sized summary and displaying a QR code that will take employees directly to the relevant intranet page for more details.

Digital signage and data

Sharing business insights across departments fosters greater transparency. Organisations can share data insights from tools like Power BI to digital signage screens to help employees understand how the business is performing.

Digital signage and social media

By combining digital signage and social media feeds, you can boost the reach of your organisation’s social media presence. For example, organisations can display the latest Workplace from Meta posts and photos on digital signage screens to keep everyone up to date – even frontline staff who may not have access to a computer.

Digital signage and surveys

Surveys help an organisation measure employee engagement and satisfaction. Promote employee survey participation with timely reminders. For instance, you can share a reminder to participate in an annual company-wide survey on digital signage screens with a QR code or short URL to take viewers directly to the survey form.

Digital signage and alerts

When accidents or unexpected disruptions occur, quickly reach and inform affected workers with digital signage screen takeovers. Organisations can use digital signage to display evacuation notice in the event of an emergency to provide clear communications in a time of crisis.

Using Vibe for digital signage

Vibe is a unique digital signage solution that empowers communication teams to get dynamic, visual messaging and content in front of the entire workforce, wherever they are. 

Vibe brings together digital signage screens, screensavers, web browser and mobile to reach all of your people, whether they’re at home, at their desks, on the road or the factory floor.

We know communication teams are stretched. We’re here to help. Vibe has an extensive library of easy-to-use templates with built-in animations so you can deliver messages that are optimally sized and sequenced for comprehension and retention. Keep your screens interesting with ready-made infotainment stream and professionally designed programs.

Vibe is designed to help you and your IT department avoid any implementation and ongoing headaches. Using Vibe doesn't require hours of training, our solution is hardware agnostic, and it integrates with tools you already use.

Digital signage is a highly effective communication channel for internal communications. It brings corporate culture to life, boosts employee engagement and ensures key messages stay front of mind. This makes it an invaluable channel for delivering engaging messages to the entire workforce.

To transform your internal communications, contact our Vibe team or start a free trial.

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