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Social Media Mashup

Designed for Events, Conferences & Video Walls - live, interactive and engaging streaming content.

Create an impact, promote brand awareness and make your mark with Social Media Mashup; one of the hottest visual marketing tools for leveraging the power of now and social media at your event or conference venue.

Integration platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Key points

  • Use map location 'pin' - Capture all Twitter and Instagram activity happening around you! We can pull together content and fed straight through to the Mashup stream.
  • Supports common languages - English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese - with more available on request!
  • Moderation is available - For your peace of mind
  • Plus! Key posts can be pinned to the top for constant branding exposure

Extend the reach of your company’s social media activity to your workforce and invite staff to generate content on screen via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Adding a Social Media Mashup to your digital strategy creates an opportunity for people to share their posts and view them onscreen in real-time. Our ingenious tool creates a single feed or "mashup" of social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and streams them to a screen or media wall for maximum visual effect.

We are living in the 'age of now', so why not harness this power to communicate in an instant?

The publicity nature of this platform encourages users to engage in social media at conferences or events, like awards dinners, product launches or weddings.

It also lends itself nicely to creating brand presence in the hospitality sector, receptions or anywhere you want to create a focal point and get your audience involved in promoting your brand through tweets, posts, shares and likes.

Whether on location at a hotel, stadium, store, office or other venue or via your website, your audiences will love this fun and interactive experience; adding that ‘sign’ of brilliance to your brand.

Fully optimised for communication

Landscape and portrait commercial screens,
Chrome browser, Screensaver, Mobile devices and Video Walls.

There's a design and layout to suit!

Both portrait and landscape orientations are available. They can be customised to suit your brand colours.
Choose from 5 layouts; Solo, Sequential, Expanded, Classic, and Panoramic.

Get with it, get!