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Room Bookings

This Room Bookings slide can be included within a playlist on an existing screen location, or displayed on a dedicated Wayfinding screen.

Integrate with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar for a seamless display to keep your clients, employees and visitors informed.

Todays room bookings will use screen settings to determine the correct day/time!

Complementary to Vibe's other 'event' slides, the Room Booking will stay onscreen until the end of the 'booking' time. All events that are 'On Now' are highlighted clearly for the viewer. A visual indicator will also indicate if there are "no bookings" - from either the room having no bookings for the day, or when the bookings have finished for the day.

Content types

  • Vibe Portal (Web-based list items)
  • Sharepoint (XLSX)
  • File Upload (XLSX)
  • Google Sheets
  • Custom feeds (RSS, API)

Fully optimised for communication

Landscape and portrait commercial screens,
Chrome browser, Screensaver and Mobile devices

Our fully animated slides suit a range of content

  • Customer NPS score
  • Real-time customer comments
  • Vision & values
  • Brand strategy
  • Photo boards
  • In the community
  • Photo boards
  • New services / products / savings
  • Training programs
  • Social media activity
  • Project wins
  • Activities and events
  • Important announcements
  • Notices
  • Celebrations
  • Data visualisation
  • Hygiene/Health & Safety
  • Vacancies
  • What's on
  • Training programs
  • Staff profiles
  • Staff recognition & achievement
  • Staff Arrivals & Farewells
  • Employee Promotions

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