A communication delivery platform tailor-made for the mining industry

Keep operations safe and streamlined with mining communications

Bridge the communication gap between head office and your mining team to improve operational efficiency, run learning and development programs and keep your team safe.

Mining and construction specialists use Vibe.fyi’s digital signage solution to keep business critical information front of mind and engage with a workforce.

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Enhance miners' wellbeing with the help of digital signage

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Reduce time spent producing visual content

Your message needs to get out fast. Whether it's sharing mental health reminders, educating on diversity and inclusion, broadcasting health and safety protocols, or recognising employee success, you want to reach your entire workforce quickly.

Use Vibe.fyi's growing template library to create stunning branded content in minutes.

Spread awareness on Diversity and Inclusion

The mining industry plays a vital role in many economies yet internal communication specialists struggle to address a range of challenges including sexual harassment, mental health and more.

Deploy best-practice content in minutes. Our health & safety, wellbeing, culture and leadership development programs feature snackable content and nudge learning strategies for lasting behaviour change and outcomes – they can even be tailored to your specific business needs. 

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Put the spotlight on health & safety

Mines can be a safe place to work and your workplace can support diversity and inclusion. Use digital signage to keep electricity, ventilation and hazard protocols, crisis alerts, machinery alerts and more top of mind for your workforce. Vibe.fyi delivers fresh content to keep your messaging engaging and dynamic.

Communication solution that works for mining and construction teams

Health & safety

Improve health and safety and security with reliable and effective communication

Corporate communications

Get the latest information in front of your team located anywhere  


An innovative digital messaging solution to create a positive culture

Workplace wellbeing

Make it a secure place to work. Engage staff with meaningful and dynamic content to boost mental and physical wellbeing

Learning & Development

Take advantage of our fully managed and engaging content programs like Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Safety, and Financial Wellbeing programs

Data insights

Boost operational efficiency by sharing near real-time information and KPIs

Find out why Vibe.fyi is the internal communication solution of choice for the mining industry

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