A communication delivery platform tailor-made for the manufacturing environment

Connect your front office with your factory floor

How often do key metrics, H&S directives and other important messages get stuck between the front office and the factory floor? Ensuring key messages reach your employees is difficult when they’re deskless and on their feet – but this is crucial to keeping productivity, health & safety and employee engagement on track.

Manufacturing companies use Vibe.fyi’s digital signage solution to reach their manufacturing workers wherever they are across manufacturing facilities and warehouses with messaging that motivates them, keeps them safe and rallies everyone behind common goals.

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Improve productivity, workplace safety and engagement using digital signage to engage your manufacturing teams. 

Maintain peak productivity

Sharing data such as production line metrics, inventory alerts and Overall Operations Effectiveness (OOE) is key to keeping each and every shift focused on their progress and meeting productivity goals. Share your key metrics instantly in real-time to keep everyone on track.

Prioritise H&S

Your team’s safety and success relies on you being able to reach them immediately with safety alerts, health & safety protocols and changes and machinery alerts. Share key health & safety messaging across all of your sites at the touch of a button, including emergency alerts and full-screen takeovers.

Increase employee engagement

Highly engaged employees are 12% more productive (Gallup). Connect your employees with your company's vision and mission. Get them excited about your sustainability achievements. Highlight top performers, job openings or career progression opportunities and motivate them daily with ready-made wellness and personal leadership development messaging.

Communication that works for manufacturing teams

Data insights

Nurture high-performing teams with continual data insights  


Use microlearning and nudge learning strategies for better retention 

Workplace wellbeing

Care for your people with fully managed and engaging content programs 

Health & safety

Reinforce behaviour and habits that save lives  


An innovative, dynamic solution for influencing beliefs and behaviours  

Corporate comms

Ensure information is easily understood and retained 

All Vibe.fyi templates are highly-visual

Tap into our template library to bring your manufacturing content to life.
They animate automatically, with different animation sequence options built-in.

Vibe.fyi uses spaced repetition to ensure ongoing audience engagement

Content is not rotated on repeat, but is randomly changed throughout the day so that your screens stay fresh and your manufacturing teams don’t tune out.

Vibe.fyi is the best solution for your manufacturing environment

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