Visualising Programmes for Learning and Development

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Don't leave the success of your wellbeing programme to chance.

The team at ran a webinar for our clients and guests on how make learning and development programs more visual using the approach.

What the webinar covers...

  1. What is snackable learning and how does it complement traditional learning methods? (0:00 - 6:40)
  2. How does Vibe deliver a snackable learning strategy? (6:41 - 9:56)
  3. We walk through the steps for producing a Leadership Development Programme in a snackable format (9:57 - 13:19)
  4. Demonstration of how you activate a snackable programme within Vibe (13:20 - 17:19)
  5. Q&A session (17:20 - 26:24) 

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