6 Reason Why Your Workplace Digital Signage Solution for  Internal Communications is Causing Grief

Updated July 2023

Digital signage for internal communication is the best communication channel out there to push key messages to your workforce. It works well to reach both the frontline workers, and those who are in the office, hybird or remote. But let’s be frank – as effective as your digital signage screens are for internal communication – the software behind them is often frustrating. 

In this article, we’ll outline the six most common challenges of digital signage for internal communications, and what features or qualities you need to look out for when you choose workplace digital signage software

  1. Hard to create content that looks good
  2. Content showing on repeat grows stale
  3. Double handling work 
  4. Creating vibrant content takes too much resources
  5. Developing best-practice content takes an army of professionals
  6. Localising internal communication messages is a struggle

Problem 1: It's time-consuming to create good looking content

Effective workplace communications requires messaging to not only be relevant and updated regularly, but also presented in a highly visual and lively way, otherwise it will fail to engage your audience.

Most workplace digital signage solutions don't cater for the more demanding requirements of workplace communications and as a result, it places a lot overheads in terms of time and resources on your internal comms teams to produce and deliver engaging content.

  Look for: Templates that make designing internal communications messages a breeze

Use templates with ready made animation and imagery, so you can get back to what matters most - the messaging. Vibe.fyi has an extensive library of internal communication templates that allows teams to create stunning branded content within minutes. Our templates automatically adopt your corporate branding requirements, and they're easy to change.

Problem 2: Internal communication messages show on repeat

People are great at blocking out repeated messaging as 'noise'. And unfortunately, most workplace digital signage for internal communication deliver content on repeat. This means that the same content - whether static images or video - shows each time the slide loops through the playlist over a period of time.

Showing the same content on repeat loses audience engagement and they won't remember your message in the long run. If you're sharing health and safety messages, diversity and inclusion training, or cybersecurity policy reminders, you definitely don't want those to go unnoticed!

  Look for: Customisable scheduling

You'll want full control over when, where and how often your key messages show. As a bonus, look for a solution that has start and end dates for your content so you won't have to stress about taking outdated content off the screens.

Vibe makes it quick and easy to preload content and either randomise or customise the delivery of messages, so your audience doesn't see content on repeat. This spaced repetition is fundamental to the way we learn and supports the retention of information over time.

Want to see this in action? Let's schedule a no-obligation demo.

Problem 3: It creates double handling and slows down work

No doubt you already have great content and data insights sitting inside your workplace applications such as in your SharePoint, social platforms, CRM and ERP systems. Workplace digital signage software that doesn't integrate with the other tools and social media channels you have will cause double handling because you'll have to manually search and upload the relevant information. This double-up of work is administrative and slows down your workflow. 

  Look for: Integration with apps you already use

Integrations with apps you already use will seamlessly send information across to your digital signage software. This means you can spend less effort creating your internal communications messaging, and you can trust that the information passed on is always accurate.

Vibe seamlessly integrates data from popular software, including Sharepoint, Power BI, Workplace and more. Here's a full list of our integrations

Problem 4: Creating animated content is pricey and time-consuming

We process visual messages 60,000 times faster than written messages. But did you know that static content is dead content? If it's not dynamic and lively, you risk losing the attention of your workforce.

Videos work really well to hold attention but for most internal communication teams, it's expensive on time and on the budget. Plus, it can quickly fall into ‘content on repeat’ category, unless you have a video production team on tap to make constant changes.

  Look for: Lively, animated content

When you don't have a video team on demand, the best thing you can do is have a workplace digital signage solution that allows you to share animated content. All of the Vibe templates leverage the lively aspects of video, transforming messaging into engaging visuals that support the way people learn. Your content can be updated and changed within a matter of minutes and auto-animates.

#5 Developing best-practice content takes an army of professionals

Digital signage for internal communications relies on having fresh new content frequently. The biggest struggle for internal communication teams is keeping content fresh and exciting for their workforce on limited time and resources. Great digital signage for internal communications will often come with out-the-box programs that you can intersperse with your key messages. This makes it entertaining and engaging so staff will want to look at the digital signage screens around the workplace.

  Look for: Plug-and-play programs

Ready-made programs take a load off your time and resources while adding variety and interest to your digital signage screens.

Vibe offers programs and infotainment streams that you can deploy in seconds. Our programs offers everything from country-specific news & weather, to cultural and global celebration events, as well as free and premium change programs designed by industry experts. Check out our free and premium programs.

Vibe.fyi features fully managed programs built by industry leaders.

Problem 6: Hard to localise or customise where digital signage internal communication messages are seen

Internal communication teams often have to engage with different groups of people in the workforce. Some might only work in the warehouse, while others are in the office all day. Other times they might be scattered across the country.

Each group of people or location will need messaging customised according to their needs and interests of the group. However, most digital signage software struggle to customise key internal communications messages across multiple locations. 

Most teams find themselves delegating content creation at the local level or regional level. This allows them to show region-specific content, as well as content that's relevant to the workers. One caveat is that most head offices will want some level of access control as a security net. 

The best workplace digital signage software will help you avoid a one size-fits-all approach while balancing security requirements for internal communications. 

  Look for: Localised playlists and access control 

You know your audience and want to share the most relevant messages. Vibe allows you to create playlists to shared in multiple locations, set a schedule, and manage permissions and access.

Reach the unreachable. Engage the disengaged. Connect the unconnected. Vibe changes everything.

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