Mastering Meeting Room Signage For Efficiency

Why use meeting room digital signage?

Meeting room digital signage communicates essential meeting information to help your in-office employees stay organised. Conference or meeting room digital signage improves workplace productivity and reduces scheduling conflicts, creating a stress-free work environment for all!

This article shares some great ways to leverage your existing conference room digital signage screens to impress your staff and guests.

How meeting room digital signage helps you streamline office organisation

Engage employees with dynamic, lively content

Meeting room screens are a great channel to engage staff with while waiting for a meeting to begin. Display images and videos of team-building activities, promote training opportunities or advertise upcoming events.

Share calendars

Integrate your meeting room signage with a calendar to show meeting room schedules. This allows businesses to communicate meeting schedules and changes in real time. No more double-bookings or running overtime.

Keep important information front of mind

Digital signage for conference rooms can function as a communications hub in offices. Important company information and notices need to be seen repeatedly if they’re to stay front of mind for the workforce. Luckily, meeting room digital signage screens are a great vehicle to do this – it presents key information in a way that doesn’t distract or disturb staff. 

Frontline workforces can also benefit from great meeting room signage

Promote company brand to guests in your conference room 

It’s all about making first impressions count! Instead of a blank screen, wow your visitors and staff with dynamic and lively meeting room screens. Use your signage screens to promote the company’s values and objectives, advertise corporate social responsibility activity, promote internal vacancies and more.

Double as emergency warning system

In the event of an emergency, you can use your meeting or conference room digital signage as a way to communicate safety alerts to staff.

Take office technology to new heights

Attracting and keeping younger workers can be a challenge for many companies. Having efficient and convenient technology for your meeting room signage appeals to the younger generation of workers.

Create a fuss-free experience for employees

Ready to transform meeting room digital signage?

Take your meeting room digital signage to the next level with Our state-of-the-art solution turns inactive meeting room screens into dynamic digital signage that will captivate employees and visitors.

Go from digital signage to presentation mode and back in seconds. Vibe actively monitors the HDMI port, ensuring that your screen is ready to switch at any time.

With just a Vibe-enabled screen, you can deliver a stress-free meeting experience for all. No need for the elusive remote control or complex AV control systems.

Our experts can help you transform your meeting room signage. Contact our Vibe team or start a free trial.

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