Four proven ways to influence employee engagement within the manufacturing sector

According to an eye-opening study from Manufacturing Global, the productivity rates of engaged employees are an astounding 70 percent higher than those of non-engaged employees. They also achieve a 78 percent higher safety record. What’s more, a 70 percent lower employee turnover and 44 percent greater profitability can also be attributed to highly engaged employees.
How can you achieve this in a manufacturing environment?

In this article we’ll look at proven ways to drive better employee engagement and the best tools available to achieve these outcomes for a manufacturing workforce.

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How to drive better employee engagement within manufacturing

#1 Share performance data insights
#2 Connect employees to your company vision
#3 Make employee wellbeing a priority
#4 Drive a health & safety culture

#1 Share performance data insights

Manufacturing environments are notoriously busy, with data such as production volume, downtime, your Productivity Factor and Overall Operations Effectiveness (OOE) key indicators of overall performance – but did you know that these data insights can also be key performance motivators for your frontline workers?

To drive engagement through key performance insights, you need to:

Actively position these insights in front of your workforce so they remain front of mind
Platforms like make use of digital signage to reach those on the factory floor so that you’re not reliant on cellphones or laptops which become obsolete in this environment.

Present key product metrics in a meaningful way
Don’t overcomplicate things - communicate the core essence of your data set, not every detail.

Ensure employees understand the key metrics and what they mean to them
For example, you’ll need to spell out what production numbers mean – are we on-track; behind or right on schedule?

#2 Connect employees to your company vision

When employees are aligned to the purpose and impact of what you do as a company, the work they do becomes more than ‘just a job’. To achieve this, it’s vital to share the bigger picture and how each person contributes to your overarching vision.

#3 Make employee wellbeing a priority 

Investing in the physical and mental health and wellbeing of your workforce creates a healthy workplace and is simply good business that is also good for business.

Wellplace describes this as…

The right thing to do
A successful business looks after its people and community.

The smart thing to do
Employees prefer a positive workplace culture where they can be happy, safe and productive, and so are less likely to leave (and more likely to join).

The legal thing to do
Legislation says employers must provide a healthy and safe workplace.

Watch our webinar on better Workplace wellbeing... or, discover how you can manage workplace wellbeing in a Covid-era in our insightful write-up!

#4 Drive a health & safety culture

If you want your business to be a place where people want to work, you need to provide an environment where employees feel safe.

In order to do this, particularly within a manufacturing environment, health and safety messaging needs to be reinforced daily, including to employees at the coal face, of where health and safety really matters.

How do you embedded these four fundamentals with a hard to reach manufacturing workforce?

Effective communication requires messaging to not only be relevant and up to date, but it needs to be presented in a visual and lively (animated) format, otherwise it will be ineffective and will fail to engage your audience. Digital screens are the most effective vehicle for informing and engaging a deskless workforce.

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