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Social Media Mashup [Full Screen Style]

Engage, stream, and make your mark in real-time

This Social Media slide is a streamlined way to display social media content streams in

Internal communication specialists can use this slide template to share the latest happenings on social media without spending too much time curating content and posts.

Map Location 'Pin'
Unleash the power of location-based content by capturing social media activity around your event. We seamlessly pull together content and feed it straight to the Mashup stream.

Multilingual Support
Connect with a global audience effortlessly! Our Social Media Mashup supports common languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, with more available on request.

Moderation for Peace of Mind
Ensure a positive experience with moderation controls that give you peace of mind.

Top Post Pinning
Highlight key posts by pinning them to the top for constant branding exposure.

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Social Media Integrations

Extend the reach of your company's social media activity to your workforce and invite staff to generate content on screen.

Instagram logo

Share posts from an authenticated user, posts with a specific hashtag or mention, or a specific location from a map point.

facebook logo

Share posts and albums from a managed page or authenticated Facebook account.

Linkedin logo

Share posts and photos from a LinkedIn organisation account.

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