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Poster (Pan & Scroll)

Have you just been handed a portrait sized infographic that's been impeccably designed by your graphics team? Have you been emailed a handful of printable A4 pdf's that you need to get on Vibe immediately, but you don't have time to deconstruct the graphic elements and repurpose in a usable way?

Then this template is for you! 

Your content (which will need to be a single image) will centralize the image, then slowly pan to the right or scroll up, giving the viewer ample time to absorb the meaning and intent of the text and imagery of the original design. 

Content types

  • Vibe Portal (Web-based list items)
  • Sharepoint
  • File Upload
  • Google Sheets

Fully optimised for communication

Landscape and portrait commercial screens,
Chrome browser, Screensaver and Mobile devices

Get with it, get!