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Full-screen Image Gallery

Showcase your graphics in stunning full-screen display

Vibe's Image Gallery Full-screen template is perfect for showcasing high-quality images, whether in portrait, landscape, or square format.

There's a choice of caption styles to accompany your photos for a polished presentation.

Images and captions transition smoothly, making each one stand out before moving on to the next. Ideal for displaying photos, corporate values, and impactful graphics, this template proves that images truly are worth a thousand words.

Why use this template for your workplace digital signage?

Full-Screen Display
Show images in their original ratios, whether portrait, landscape, or square, for maximum impact.

Smooth Transitions
Images and captions can be animated to move on screen, ensuring each graphic gets the attention it deserves.

Customizable Captions
Add optional titles and summaries to your photos for a complete and polished presentation.

Versatile Usage
Perfect for showcasing photography, corporate values, and infographics where visuals speak volumes.

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