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Date-based "Events (Hero 3)"

Effortlessly Highlight Upcoming Events

Keep your team informed and engaged as this dynamic slide rotates through each date-based event, displaying up to 10 latest items. Individual items can include an image in the background, ensuring it complements rather than distracts from the message.

Perfect for showcasing a variety of events such as social club activities, staff sports, and general date-based reminders.

Integrate with SharePoint, Google Calendar, or upload through the Vibe web portal or plan a spreadsheet for seamless and automated event management.

Why use this template for your workplace digital signage?

Dynamic Rotation
Automatically rotates through the latest 10 items, keeping your team updated on upcoming events.

Date-Ordered Display
Events are shown based on date order, ensuring timely and relevant information.

Background Images
Include background images for individual list items to enhance the message without distraction.

Seamless Integration
Easily integrate with SharePoint, Google Calendar, or upload events through the web portal or plan a spreadsheet for automated event management.

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Events (Hero 3)

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