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Data 3-Dials

Track Key Metrics with a Dynamic 3-Dial Dashboard

Monitor and motivate with the Data 3-Dials template, a visual dashboard designed to animate results for Monthly, Weekly, and Today's data.

Originally crafted for NPS (Net Promoter Score) to understand customer feedback, this popular layout is also perfect for a Sales dashboard, inspiring your team to hit their targets.

Each dial dynamically updates to provide a clear, real-time snapshot of your most important metrics, ensuring your team stays informed and engaged.

Why use this template for workplace communication

Dynamic 3-Dial Dashboard
Displays Monthly, Weekly, and Today's data in an engaging, animated format.

Real-Time Updates
Provides a clear, real-time snapshot of key metrics to keep your team informed.

Versatile Comparisons
Ideal for showing weekly or monthly NPS scores, industry standards, or comparisons between locations/branches.

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