Poster (Bubbles)

This visual is great for any type of 'poster' content.  This dynamic slide comes preset with content that educates your team on how customers provide feedback via a Net Promoter Score and can be used to answer a general question that many employees have, i.e. "What is NPS?". 

Simply install and setup this slide on your Vibe channel and add to your playlist right before you share recent Customer comments, ratings or the latest NPS score. 

If you have other content that would suit this layout, tailor the imagery and written copy and deliver your key messages in an animated and eye-catching way.

Content types

  • Vibe Portal (Web-based list items)
  • Sharepoint
  • File Upload
  • Google Sheets
  • Custom feeds (RSS, API)

Animation speeds

  • Slow, Normal, Fast


  • Knowledge base is available for support with editing slide and connecting data feeds


  • Subscription required

Fully optimised for communication

Landscape and portrait commercial screens,
Chrome browser, Screensaver and Mobile devices

Get with it, get!