A Carousel is a great way to show multiple images effectively in a smooth scrolling display. This design gives focus to the central image and additional images on either side show there's more to reveal. The slide rotates through photos one at a time - with (or without) a text summary and heading.

And your logo will show as a placeholder, if there's no image! This versatile layout can be used for photos, notices, values, staff profiles – it’s limitless!

Content types

  • Vibe Portal (Web-based list items)
  • Sharepoint
  • File Upload
  • Google Sheets
  • Custom feeds (RSS, API)

Animation speeds

  • Slow
  • Normal
  • Fast


  • Knowledge base is available for support with editing slide and connecting data feeds


  • Subscription required

Fully optimised for communication

Landscape and portrait commercial screens,
Chrome browser, Screensaver and Mobile devices

Our fully animated slides suit a range of content

  • Customer NPS score
  • Real-time customer comments
  • Vision & values
  • Brand strategy
  • Photo boards
  • In the community
  • Photo boards
  • New services / products / savings
  • Training programs
  • Social media activity
  • Project wins
  • Activities and events
  • Important announcements
  • Notices
  • Celebrations
  • Data visualisation
  • Hygiene/Health & Safety
  • Vacancies
  • What's on
  • Training programs
  • Staff profiles
  • Staff recognition & achievement
  • Staff Arrivals & Farewells
  • Employee Promotions

Get with it, get!