Live TV

Scheduling one of the Live TV channels for your Vibe screen during your employees down-time, might just be a perk they are waiting for!

Use our  'Screen takeover' functionality to schedule TV at exactly the right time. Perhaps one of the music channels for an hour in the afternoons, or to watch the Melbourne Cup racing for 15 mins, or to schedule the 6pm news every day. The choice is yours!

Slide settings allow you to turn on/off Volume. Plus, pre-designed default error visuals and any relevant messages will appear if the livestream cuts out.

Current Live TV Channels

    1. Al Jazeera
    2. APNA Television
    3. Bravo
    4. Juice TV
    5. Parliament TV
    6. Redbull TV
    7. TAB Trackside 1
    8. TAB Trackside 2
    9. The Breeze
    10. The Edge
    11. Three
    12. TVNZ 1
    13. TVNZ 2


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