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Discovery Quiz

An enriching and interactive experience

An extensive collection of over 1000 informative general knowledge questions and answers covering world culture, geography, and history +more!

Challenge your employees to expand their knowledge as they explore various countries and their unique attributes, racing against the countdown timer before the answer is revealed.

Why use this template in your workplace?

1200+ Q&A
Access a growing, carefully curated collection of general knowledge trivia...
Australia (160 Q&A)
New Zealand (400 Q&A)
United Kingdom (240 Q&A)
USA (200 Q&A)
Worldy Trivia (350 Q&A)

Engaging Gameplay
Challenge employees to increase their knowledge while competing against the countdown timer.

Interactive Learning
Encourage participation and curiosity as employees explore different countries and their unique attributes.

It's Easy. Just, Set and Forget
Seamlessly incorporate this visually appealing quiz slide into your workplace lunchrooms and breakout rooms for effortless learning and entertainment.

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