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Vibe vs Onelan Feature Comparison

Vibe goes above and beyond standard workplace digital signage to empower communications teams with game-changing efficiencies that reduce the time and effort to create and share workplace communications. Onelan
Produce and manage content with game-changing efficiency
  • 70+ free templates optimised with our snackable learning framework
  • Built-in animation and high-impact visuals
  • Corporate branded slides
  • Integrates with leading workplace apps and social media
  • No need for third-party tools
Promotes better messages retention
Uses spaced repetition to optimise slide delivery for maximum message retention
  • Pre-load messages which are drip fed out over time
  • Encourage message retention with a science-backed approach
  • Promote strong message recall with spaced repetition of messages
Supports multichannel communications
  • Digital signage screens
  • Corporate screensavers and web browser
  • Mobile devices
Ready-made content
  • 25+ Infotainment Streams
  • Mini and Premium Programs covering Cyber Security, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion, Healthy Eating and more
Easy-to-use interface
Effortlessly easy to navigate and understand software without needing hours of training or IT input

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Why choose Vibe instead of Onelan?

Expand employee communication beyond digital signage

Vibe supports screensavers, web browsers, and mobile devices so you can share engaging and impactful messages throughout your organisation.

Extensive template library with built-in optimisation

Never struggle with creating engaging content again. With Vibe's extensive template library, you can create professional animated content in minutes, without stretching yourself thin. Spend less time formatting slides and more time crafting high-value messages that will keep your workforce engaged and inspired!

Explore our template library →

Deliver engaging messages to promote long-term message retention and recall

More than just built-in animation and high-impact visuals, all slides use Vibe's signature Snackable Learning Framework©. This leverages spaced repetition to keep messages fresh and boost long-term retention to deliver an optimised learning experience.

Set corporate branding themes
Vibe slides automatically adopt your logos, colors and fonts.

Set-and-forget functionality
Pre-load multiple messages, set individual publishing rules, define content locations, and let Vibe take care of the rest.

Swap between slide templates
Quickly change templates without losing your content. Vibe automatically transfers your messages to the new template in seconds.

Out-the-box infotainment streams

Skip the hassle of creating and managing infotainment content with Vibe's ready-to-go options.

Explore infotainment streams →

Launch plug and play programs in minutes

Elevate your workforce with Vibe's expertly crafted development programs. Using our Snackable Learning Framework© and nudge learning strategies, these programs create lasting behavior change and outcomes.

Fully managed, customisable and ready to go.

Discover our programs →

Cloud-based digital signage at its finest

Vibe's digital signage software is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, giving you the ability to create and manage screen content for multiple regions and screens from anywhere. We also have Private Cloud options available.

Reduce hardware and costs

Cut the cost and hassle of physical media players with Vibe. Our software works seamlessly and reliably on System on Chip technology, without limiting any of our extensive functionality.

Enjoy the full Vibe experience while saving money and increasing security and reliability.

Unlike Onelan, no extra server hardware or media player devices are required, removing unnecessary costs and infrastructure for your digital signage needs.

Stay connected on-the-go

Vibe empowers communication teams with the flexibility to create and manage content remotely. Our mobile-responsive solution enables you to create, edit, publish, and manage slides and playlists from the palm of your hand.

Don't let a ONELAN contract hold you back

Make the switch from Onelan to Vibe and take control of your digital signage. We can help you seamlessly transition and even take over your current contract.

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