About Vibe.fyi

Discover why we aim to keep key information front of mind for frontline, deskless, and in-office workers.

We transform the way organisations inspire their workforce through visual communications.

We do this by delivering vibrant, snackable, timely information in ways that are proven to improve reach and retention.

Vibe.fyi positions digital content that employees see with frequency on every screen in their workplace, from digital screens in common areas, desktop screensavers, web browsers, through to mobile devices.

The Problem

Far too many organisations, to this day, rely on static, text-heavy methods of internal communications like emails, newsletters and static posters to relay business-critical information. This risks increasing employee disengagement and that costs companies: from staff retention, to business productivity through to customer experience!

Corporate culture and wellbeing initiatives

Health and safety tips

Performance insights/KPIs

Reinforce learning and development messages

Our Solution -
Simplifying Visual Communications

Company culture is created every day by what employees see, hear and do. We believe organisations have the power to influence those beliefs and behaviors, through effective communications.

Our passion is to enable companies to communicate more effectively, more often and with less effort.

Delivering information with the spaced repetition needed to ensure employees absorb messages that drive long term change and improve behaviour. We call it the Vibe Effect.

We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in New Zealand transform the way they communicate: The Warehouse Group, Zespri, Foodstuffs, Watercare, Ryman Healthcare, DHL and others. You can improve your internal communications with our fully-managed, automated communication platform that doesn’t just push content but also builds connections and drives productivity.

Our History

We began as Labyrinth Solutions, at the peak of the dot.com era, back in 2001. We launched with a mission to help businesses stay at the forefront of online technology, by designing digital strategies to communicate with customers.

Throughout the early 2000’s, we grew while scanning the horizon, looking for new ways to deliver content. We created a CMS software product called 
Contegro, offering centralised management of content across multiple channels.

Our Journey

In 2013 we pivoted toward digital signage and streaming visual-only content. We innovated a new solution called CafeMedia, that delivered streaming, visual-only content to cafe customers including up-to-the-minute News, Weather, Surf & Snow Reports and a range of other entertainment content.

Companies started approaching us, wanting a CafeMedia style channel for inside their businesses. They loved the engagement factor of the entertainment content and wanted to use our digital channel to reach and inform employees about day to day business operations. It worked so well, we saw the opportunity to build an internal communications platform, which became the foundation of our Vibe.fyi offering.

In July 2020, re-branding to Vibe.fyi
focused our core service offering to workplace digital signage.

Where to next?

The next exciting phase of the Vibe.fyi journey is working with Wellbeing and Business Improvement specialists to produce a range of comprehensive Microlearning / Nudge-Learning programmes, delivered in Vibe’s signature style: visual, lively and snackable format and presented with the frequency required to drive positive, productive behaviours and optimise workplace performance.